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For more than 15 years HSK, the Tree Fern Professionals have been a main supplier to the trade of Tree Ferns. We dispatch orders ranging from full wooden sided pallets to direct deliveries of containers.

Our Tree Fern sales package includes large colour labels, a high quality point of sale banner and “Tree Fern Feed” – a specialist fertilizer which gives a Tree Fern the food it needs to produce vigorous growth. It is also a positive additional sale as it helps to explain the specialist care needed to get the best results from Tree Ferns.

We are also the main trade supplier of Wollemi Pine which was thought to be extinct but was discovered in 1994 in the Wollemi National Park 200km west of Sydney Australia.

The most recent addition to our specialist ranges is the “Bamboo Control System”, often referred to as a Bamboo Barrier and is installed to direct, control and enhance the growth of the bamboo. This control system is being used more and more to create areas of bamboo, adding sound and movement to a garden.
Tree Ferns and Wollemi Pine are architectural plants that work well with our selection of driftwood sculptures from New Zealand.


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